Take pleasure in the essential ritual of washing your hands.


Limited edition X-mas special artisanal soap in collaboration with Sabbun and Robries Gallery. Clean hands remain as vital as ever and that’s why we’ve put our thoughtful spin on hand hygiene. Inspired by reveries of far-off places, our one-of-a-kind hand soaps are a pleasure for the senses and good for the Earth too. A blend of nourishing plant-based ingredients infused with mood-boosting scents will cleanse and hydrate the skin. Each piece comes with its own soap dish made out of recycled plastic bottle caps.


Comes in two choices, Snow-capped Volcanic Glaciers (Vetiver, Mint, Eucalyptus) and Dusky Desert Sunsets (Cedarwood). Available for purchase at Unearth Space Gandaria, or alternatively send us an inquiry.