SORS is a Jakarta-based furniture design company founded by Sashia Rosari in 2018.


We believe in creating furniture pieces that are ergonomic, with good quality material, fine detailing and timeless forms. SORS offers a concise range of furniture ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. Enquire about our furniture range here.



Second furniture range released by SORS.

Our new range features additional furniture pieces to complement the essential pieces released in our 1st range. Inspired by the feeling of easing in and settling into a new space, which often requires those secondary furniture pieces to finally make you feel like you are officially moved-in to a home.

We wanted to continue in the same spirit as our previous release, making timeless pieces with smaller footprints to cater for those living in a more urban setting.


Have a look more closely here.

Commercial projects


We also do collaboration work with designers and architects developing custom pieces for commercial projects. Please go to our contact page and send us a message to enquire further.